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Aiman SMART !

i adore this pic

eceh klu dia bca mesti prasan . hm , pagi td bgun . as usual , pegi alamaya . aku , syida dgn myra . ika dye dtg lmbat cbb bgun lmbt smalaa dgn pakcik sowg ni bgun un lmbt . mntang mntang cuti owg katakan . tp aiman smpai dlu dari ika . lepak lepak lepak . then , syida kna blik umaa nk g kenduri laa plak . so , dia tggal ssuatu yg mnarik laa . after she go back to her house . we're discuss wat to do and then blablablabla . ayoyoyo , so HOT at there u know . so , we go to 7-eleven just gonna buy some drink . otw , go back HOME . we're at this place near at Petronas . stop at there just take some picture of Aiman . i gave tht nerd spect to him . then , he try . he look smart doe . take a look some pic tht is snap before .

p/s : sori tulis bahasa rojak , ehehe .

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