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unexpected ;)

today i'm suppost to go to Ekspo , just gonna buy some shoes AGAIN wif ika . but , aiman call use public phne at school , just asking to go LEPAK . i'm okayy wif it . so , ika and i decide go pesona just bcause mau lepak . igtkan nk lepak tp x pon . nk uat folio laaa owg katakan :DD .

then , smua g umah aku ler . cbb x da owg pon dkat umah aku , HEHE . ckp laaa nk uat folio but , x buat buat pon HAHA . dduk pandang laptop x buat papa . ngeeee , just main UNO jep .

duduk dari pkol 4.25 until 6.20 ptg .

p/s : aku ni sje GEDIK nk guna bhsa ROJAK ckit , HAA

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