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Beraya di rumah saya

Salam , apa kabo ? Fuhh , tired and ngantuk doh . Dah blik lewat semalam . Ok zip about tht , let go to my next story . Hari ni Hari Malaysia , biasa korang smua tau yg cuti rite ? So , aku amik kesempatan invite my friends beraya di rumah . All completely doing well . Nothin bad things happen tday . Makanan yg di masak bihun goreng . But , one things i really fed up is they sneak at my room and try those prefume tht i just bought .

Today i admit , tht i can't stop laughing at all wif all stupid joke , playing UNO cards and etc . Thnk guys for helping me and for coming . Hope next year , we can celebrate our eid day together again better than tis year *hopefully :)

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