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Funny stuff before school holiday

here da things i'm gonna share wif u all . After salam raya at new hall . My class next subject is science . U knw rite , if science mean we must go to the science lab . Mr Low teach as usual , bla bla bla bla and bla than as some question at syazwanie , but pe'ar said tht syazwanie absent yesterday . Padahal , sir just explain before he ask a question , LOL . Aina and i can't stop laughing at them . Besides that , we have to answer question at the skrin. Saranya dgn tatau malu go to the pc and b the leader to answer all question . Sir ask her :

sir : saranya ha , u can be a teacher u knw .
saranya : i don't want lah .
sir : y ?
saranya : *turn her face at sir . Because i hate teacher .
sir : u hate me ?
saranya : no la .

Haih , can't stop laugh again . LOL

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