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Persiapan raya

Heyyo ! So how ur preparation for tis year Raya eve ? It's doin good ? What ur theme colour for tis year ? Eh , many question i asking u .

Let me answer it . For me tis year just be a SIMPLE raya eve . My mom just bought KURUNG MODERN white in colour . I buy wedges shoes . 3 tee from Brands Outlet . Jeans ? Not buy yet , myb tonite gonna buy it .

Tis year i think i'm not excited enough wif raya eve because my cousins from KL will go back KL at 4th raya , so sad . I meet them like 1 or 2 day only . And one things i hate is we just got holiday till 13.9.10 . Tht y , i'm not so excited about .

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