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FRIDAY 19.11.2010

Helo everybody :) sory about i'm posting or update my blog a little bit late . soo on friday , i decide to go back to my mother house but my sis said she ask me to company her to go to Tesco at Alma . but she broke her promises , and left me at my father house . i'm soo frust ! then , i when off to my brother room and play PS2 from morning till evening NON-STOP !

at 7.30 pm if i not mistaken , my father just call my brother to go and meet him at somewhere , i also does'nt know where the place is . my father just ask my brother and my sister to go and meet him . about 20 or 30 min later , they came back with a BRAND NEW MOTORCYCLE it is EGO S colour RED ! I was soo EXCITED ! 

i'am very very THANKFULL to ABAH

SATURDAY 20.11.2010

In saturday , i with my sister when out to TESCO ALMA . i drive my motorcycle while my sister sit at my back . we when there just go aroun around in the Supermarket . there a lot of beautiful shirt and jeans . GAHH ! just bought like RM 15 but my sister bought more . it okay , mybe i reserve first then i'll buy soon :) in the evening , my mother tooks us to GUAR CEMPEDAK , KEDAH . because tommorow it gonna be my cousin wedding day . i just meet my cousin WANI , goshh i miss you so much . we're like besties i think . i share my problem to her , she share her problem to me . but we just met like 2 times a year . she at Puchong , Selangor :)



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