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again , last year i'm telling about him . this year also ehh ? whatever lahh . oh my , long time i did'nt hear his songs . i am soo ADDICTED to his songs . it meaningful :) muka je mcm tuhh tapi hati ada taman *apa yg aku merepek .

this is the list the sings that i love to hear :)

NVN - Losing it
NVN - Big City Dreams
NVN - Sweet Prefection
NVN - Here Goes Nothin
NVN - She got style
NVN - liar liar
NVN - I just Laugh
NVN - Can't stand it
NVN - trouble
NVN - Did it hurt
NVN - She Got Style

act byk lagi , but malas plak nk list byk byk :) I LOVE NEVER SHOUT NEVER !


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