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CHOCLATE ! now i am so ADDICTED with choclate . you know why ? because my mom just have HER VACAY with her cousins at Langkawi . i thought my mom balik kg for paying something that why i did'nt go with her . i prefer stay at home than follow her * how rude am i right ?

after she be HAPPY with her VACAY *without me ! shitt --' . she bought some souviners for me * for relaxing me , cehh but not really . she bought CHOCLATE and a SPONGEBOB tee . i thought my mom gonna buy choclate kiss , i love that type of choc . it like ' taik ' kan ? AHAHA .

forget about that . almost like everday , i eat one bar of choclate . wow ! nak gemuk ke ? tapi tak gemuk gemuk pon . like day say , if you eat choclate , you will feel more relax . am i right ? if not , just ignore yaah :) that all guys no more light bulb for the post .


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