Vas Happenin !? Thank you for stopping by :) This blog are 100% wrote about my life . Hope you'll enjoy :3

HAPPY BDAY gal :) soryy i can't wish you using phone . because i'm not using it , daaaa . AHAHA . i hope you enjoy the rest of your day . any suprises ? hmmm , mybe kena BALING TEPUNG ? aha , joking ja . as long we're friend , i never make you feel DOWN . but maybe somethin right ? i'm sorry , please forgive me with what i've done to you . you're my BFF since i was 10 years old . i can flash back at the time we were met together . you the one tht scold me first . at the time i was nobody . no friends , just play with myself like an idiot child , AHAHA .

forget about the pass , it will in my mind FOREVER lahhh :) love ida ! xoxo :*


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