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Awwww :3

AARGGGGGGHHH ! how sooo cute >< cute what what ? ahuh , hari ni ada ceramah pasal interviews and resume dari Taylor's College . first impression tgk muka penceramah tuhh macam orang Malay . hati BERBUNGA BUNGA lepas pengerusi majlis bg speech dia bukan melayu , maka hati BERKECAI :| . wahhh , he handsome anyway :3

permulaan ceramah dia bawa goodies , he said ' i got goodies that i'll give you when you answers my questions , ouhh and i got justin bieber ticket concert . all students like WHOAAAAA ! >< anyway he just kidding . ouhh , dia bekas DJ from Hitz.fm LOLS .

over all , i love it ! BEST >< but until know i can't believe that he non-malay :) and he sporting !

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