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pengakuan disini !

aku mmg masih JELES dkat sorang budak nihh , after terbaca text dia dkat phone my :) aku mula diam sementara . after midnight , aku text dgn my :) tnya segala galanya . dia ckap yg budak tuh yg terhegeh hegeh dkat dia . i know , aku tak boleh halang ang text dgn dia sbb aku bukan gf ang kan . what ever happens , im still jeles :/ . 

and u know that I Love You and and You Love Me too , right . i know this is kinda privacy right ? im sorry . i just can't get this things out of my head . 

klu paham , thank you . klu tak phm , hmm tak pyh paham pun takpa sbb ini hanya luahan hati dari aku jahh :|

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