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Second Day

Heyyo people ! Just comeback from working life . Fuhh , what a day . today kinda busy from the first day . i still doing the same things like yesterday . after 4 hours of working and im done for break . fuhh , penat wehh . baru kita tau betapa susah mak dgn abah cari duit kita kan . Hoho . K , sebelum ak balik ak tnya abg lan #manager . ak tanya if esk ak ada kerja tak then he says nope and for sunday also . soo ak free for 2days but gotta alert lahh if office call sruh dtg tetiba kan . 

K , hari sabtu aku ada event . first ada kenduri kahwin , k dapat makan free . disebelah malam plak ada BBQ , ak di invite oleh khalif dgn miza . Wahhh , excited ak jadinyaa :) Kbai . 

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