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Firstday & Seconday of Puasa

Salam , heyyyy . So how your firstday of fasting ? Im doing fine for my first day . Jadi sahur kami makan Nasi Goreng dgn air kosong saja . Aku tak suka minum air yg bergula sbb nnt lagi haus . Hbis makan sahur smbung tido balik . Bgun dari tido tggu abah hntar pi balik Pesona . Awww , ak miss pesona sgt2 . Emm act not really , ak just miss the enviroment with ma friends before this :) now times has changes the situation between us . Only a few still stick together . But i still have chill with ma friends when i get back for a few days . Thanks for take your time for meeting for a while yahh , im very appreciate that ! So next time please be like this okayy .

It's already 7.30pm soo , it come closer for berbuka . What i was excited about is , my mom just cook sambal udang *ma fav ! . Alhamdulillah , we berbuka as a one family :) After that , at 8.30pm . myra , ida and myself were lepaking at the playground . As you all know we're ponteng for terawih , hihi . So we just have fun . At 10pm sharp we went home .

At the next morning , i was suprisely by mak because she cook my fav dish again ! OMG , i know you miss me right ? please dont lie to me . She just made my very favourite dish :) *ikan masak sweet sour :D Haha . Alhamdulillah kenyang . After all finish our dishes , i continue with watching Naruto at my bro lappy . I watch from episode 260 till 280 something like that i dont really remember act . Then i was realize that , it's already 9 am . My eyes is very sleepy so just take a nap for awhile before went back to PTSS .

*sorryforbrokenenglish .im just learning for my own goodness .

To be continue .

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