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Final Exams

Salam . Heloooooooooooooooooooooooo !! Miss me ? Ahaks *perasan . K , dah lama ak tgk update sejak emmm 2 minggu yg lalu klu tak silap ak lah kan . Hihihi . Sorry , i've been busy with my final exam lately . So how my final going on ? Emmm quiet okaylah . But i can answer all the question . Alhamdulillah . And and and yesterday on Saturday is my last paper ! Anddd finally freedom for awhile emmm like 2 and a half weeks only for semester break . So sad :'( . But im very very happy when arrive at my house :D feel more better ! But that are so many stuff that i brought home . Hihihi . Im afraid to left it at my poli . I could be lost maybe . Hmmmmmmm . Soo , i thought today i wanna go out to have some fun but there is no transport :( . Kbai .

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