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Worst starting ever

Salam . How your first day of 2013 ? For me like bullshit -.-t F*ck . I just hope that my first day in 2013 were perfectly fine but it become worst like ever -.- Erghhhhhhhhhhhhh ! I just have my period today . Then , i like sooooooooooo hungry like crazy . Mezzy and i went to cafe pentadbiran , went there with hope and dream that hopefully that they got food left but it just so disappointed . Grrrrrr , we both just walk to cafe siswa . Ahhh , lot of food that got here . Im so satisfy but ! why makcik whyyy ? why are my nasi become more expensive than before ? i always put ayam goreng seketul , daging like 4 slices , sayur and sambali belacan only and it  charge rm5 ! before it only just rm3.50 and rm4 only why makcik . Pokai lahh . Hmmmmm , what to do right just pay and go . Im just a customer but i got my right to complaint right right ? Hahaha whatever ignore about .

After i've my lunch , i went to the toilet . What the helllllllllllllllll ! no water !? asdfghjkl!@#$%^& Frust were the first sentence that keep in mind . How am i going to pee or poo or something ? Yeahh i know i  use to through this water moments in my first semester . It's hard okayy . But alhamdulillah , i went to Pusat Islam to take a bath . Feel more fresh . And more comfortable after change my 'tuala wanita' . Hahaha . Until now there are no water supply are okay in my block either at my bathroom . So sad . I hope that tommorow , all the water supply are in good way . Pleaseeeeee ! i dont want it to make me suffer ! Hate that .

Overall , i just want to say sorry if some of my languages are broken . Sorry for the mistakes . it just , i want to learn okayy . The first day of 2013 , just the day that make me suffer . Hahaha . It's okay , we have like 364 more days to go :) Kbaoi .

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